5 Simple Tips for Dressing When Breastfeeding

After having given birth to my treasured first-born baby girl; amidst the chaos and confusion of sudden motherhood, I knew one thing for sure: that I would be breastfeeding. On top of everything else I didn't know, I was especially unaware of how to dress for every occasion where she demanded a feeding. My pre-baby wardrobe consisted of nearly everything that hindered my new task at hand and made public-feeding a bit of an embarrassing and clumsy endeavour.

Learning the hard way isn't something we should be doing as mums; we don't have to reinvent the wheel every time one of us begins our parenting journey. For this reason, I've made a list of the five simplest and most essential ways to dress for success while breastfeeding…

5 Simple Tips for Dressing When Breastfeeding

The List

  1. Light layers are your friend. By wearing a lightweight singlet under a loose-fitting top, you can simply lower the singlet underneath your breast and pull the top up. Easy!
  2. Stock up on items with the fashion-forward front zip or button function which allows you to keep wearing your favorite pieces, even your classic “little black breastfeeding dress.”
  3. Make sure you have a super comfortable and well fitted nursing bra with the special clips which allow for quick and easy access. Nursing bras don’t have to be ugly to be comfortable and Australian owned business Yummy Mummy Lingerie has a beautiful collection of feeding friendly bras you’ll be sure to fall in love with.
  4. Indulge in a pack of reusable bamboo breastfeeding pads with maximum absorbency to prevent leakage onto your bra or clothing in between feeds, both day or night. My cherished choice of pads is from The Milkmaid Mumma, who throws in a free wetbag with your purchase!
  5. Collect assorted open-faced maternity kimonos to adorn yourself and your go-to singlets. Combine convenience, practicality, and high-style all in one with this super-easy stunning layer. Mummy Couture’s unique selection of kimonos will enhance your wardrobe and your confidence, while equipping you with the easiest access to elegance when breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding kimono

Style in Practice

By following these five basic tips, you will see a drastic change in your breastfeeding experience, from feeling good and looking great, to knowing that you can nourish your little one at every mandatory moment. No matter where you are; whether out dining with friends or relaxing on the sofa at home with your family, you’ll appreciate the ease, simplicity, and comfort of these dressing suggestions.

About Mummy Couture

Hey there, lovely mum! I’m Emily. I’m from Australia and I’m a mother of two small, energetic children. I started Mummy Couture when I was eight months pregnant with my second baby as a passion project to block the “baby brain” we pregnant mums invariably endure. After giving birth, I fell in love with kimonos as they flattered my post-baby body and I felt beautiful again. I started creating my own kimonos, refining my designs with new colours and patterns. I have also added non-toxic silicone jewellery to my range so you can match your mumma jewels with your favourite kimonos. Mummy Couture is dedicated to every mum who wants to feel amazing in her own skin!

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