How to cope with Postnatal Depression and survive parenthood

Do you remember those newborn days, or perhaps you're in the thick of it right now? With my first baby I called them the dark dark days. I was all alone, thousands of miles away from my mum (I was in the UK) and my baby was “broken”. All she did was cry, wouldn't sleep and no matter what we did we couldn't comfort her.

Postnatal depression

I was certain there was something not quite right with my daughter (and I was right!), however after numerous GP trips and countless tears when explaining our symptoms to our health nurse, I was always met with questions about my mental health instead of solutions to help my very unhappy baby. Long story short, it turned out she had a tongue tie! Finally, I felt like I wasn’t losing my mind.

The point of my story is, all these factors are the perfect storm for Postnatal Depression (PND). Feeling like you are all alone in this new scary world of raising a baby, the feeling of being dismissed by health professionals, the hopelessness of knowing you’re going to be facing another long dark night of being the only one awake feeding a baby. All these things very quickly send new mums into a slippery slope of depression.

For me, the one thing that made every day worth it, a little more bearable, was my support network of other mums going through the exact same thing as me. They knew my pain, they knew I would stop at nothing to “fix” my baby, and they were up at 3am with me sending messages over WhatsApp, helping me stay awake. They were my mum, they were my sisters, they were my lifeline.

So, when Viv from Peach Tree Perinatal Wellness centre in Brisbane approached me to sponsor her Parent Groups, I just couldn’t say no.

Peach Tree is a place for both mums AND dads to connect via organised children activities. If you missed out on joining a mothers group (like I did in Australia!), they will welcome you with open arms. Peach Tree brings parents together to feel connected, supported and understood. Not only do babies and children get to enjoy fun activities each week, they also have guest speakers sharing their knowledge about topics relevant to parenthood. You’re likely to make friends for life, like I did!

Peach Tree Brisbane

When you join one of their Parent Groups, each mum will receive one of our Mummy Couture silicone necklaces and dads receive a “I Heart Dad (with the Hungry Caterpillar)” story book.   

To find out more about Peach Tree Perinatal Wellness, head to their website:

And to read more about their Parent Groups head here:

Peach Tree Perinatal Wellness Brisbane

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