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How to dye a Bugaboo Breezy Sun Canopy

I recently bought a Bugaboo Breezy hood in Arctic Grey (second hand) for my Cam2 (also second hand) and found that while the light colour of the fabric is great for the hot Australia summer, it was not good for creating a dark sleeping environment. Now, as a second-time mum, I know all too well that you just never pay full price for anything relating to a baby (maybe except a mattress) and how important sleep is. I really love the Khaki coloured Bugaboo Breezy hoods however I couldn’t find one second hand…. so I decided to have a crack at dying my breezy hood! Considering I only paid $40 for it I didn’t have much to lose.

Bugaboo Breezy Sun Canopy Arctic Grey

After conducting very thorough research (Google for 30min), I decided to use the iDye brand as lots of reviews were commenting it was best for dying polyester. They even have a range specifically for polyester called “iDye Poly”. And as I like the Khaki and the pram is for my son, I decided on their “Green” iDye Poly colour. If I was feeling more adventurous I would have attempted to get the Khaki colour by mixing green, yellow and brown… but decided to play it safe with one colour.


Basically, I just followed the directions on the packet using the front load washing machine instructions. I didn’t have a pot large enough to fit the Breezy hood therefore was kind of “forced” into using the washing machine. I was a bit nervous about what would happen to the machine, would it dye the machine green and would it turn all my clothes green? Neither happened, I followed the instructions, ran a rinse through the machine and it all turned out fine. Phew.

How to dye a Bugaboo Breezy Sun Canopy with iDye Poly

Step 1: Hand wash your Breezy in some warm water and soap, rinse and leave damp. Make sure all the zips are undone so the fabric dyes evenly.

Step 2: Dissolve your dye in a cup of boiling water. I used an old take away container and a piece of metal I had laying around from an old coat hanger.

Step 3: Tip the dissolved dye into the bottom of the front-loading washing machine, add the damp Breezy hood and set the machine to the longest wash possible on the hottest setting.

Step 4: Sit back and enjoy some quite time if you can. I kept checking the progress through the window every 10min, it was fascinating to watch it change colours.

Step 5: Once the wash cycle has finished, run it through a quick rinse cycle on cold water with a little washing powder.

Step 6: Once the rinse cycle has finished, remove your hood and allow it to dry in the shade. And don’t forget to wipe out the inside of the machine and run another rinse cycle.

And there you have it!! One bright green, custom dyed Bugaboo Breezy hood.

How to dye a Bugaboo Breezy Sun Canopy green

As you can see the zip, logo and tags all get dyed too, but they still look great. And of course the hood is now darker to make it easier for bub to have his snooze in the pram. Please remember that Bugaboo does not endorse dying their hoods so you will run the risk of unexpected outcomes, including using the dye in your washing machine. Good luck!

Stroller: Bugaboo Cameleon

Hood: Bugaboo Breezy Artic Grey (dyed Green)

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