How to Paint a Stokke Tripp Trapp High Chair

How to paint a stokke tripp trapp high chair
Once my daughter reached about 2 years she started to hate being put in a highchair, so after much deliberation, we settled on the Stokke Tripp Trapp High Chair (without the baby attachments). Even though this is probably one of the most expensive chairs on the baby market, it’s beautiful, really well made and will last them well into their teenage years. I also liked the design that allows the child to climb up themselves and the adjustable steps so you can get them up nice and high at the table.
Hot tip, if you watch the second-hand pages carefully (Gumtree is my fav), you can pick them up second hand at much more affordable prices. We have purchased both of our Tripp Trapp chairs second hand for around $100.
Now that my son is nearing 2 years, I decided to track down another second-hand Tripp Trapp. At the time I could only find ones that were in poor condition, so that gave me the idea to DYI and re-paint it!
I decided to paint my sons chair blue and my daughters chair pink, and here is exactly how I did it!
stokke tripp trapp high chair


There are loads of options but my research suggested that chalk paint doesn’t wear well. My daughters chairs was painted in a grey chalk paint and had scuffed and scratched very easily, so I had to agree with this advice based on our own experience.
From my own DIY painting experience, I also knew I didn’t want to use a brush or roller, so headed off to our local Bunnings hardware store to find a tough wearing spray paint. Spray paints give a lovely even and smooth finish, and a lot less messy to use.
spray paint


These are all the items you’ll need for your project:
  1. An allen key that fits your Tripp Trapp chair so you can pull it all apart.
  2. A face mask to protect yourself from inhaling sanding dust and spray paint fumes (I forgot to get one and regretted it as soon as I started sanding).
  3. Spray paint: I used White Knight Squirts Paint & Prime. I needed 2 cans of paint per chair and they cost $8.15 per can.
  4. Primer: the White Knight can recommended priming your wood using their White Knight Rust Guard Multipurpose Primer, so I decided to go with their advice. You’ll need 2 cans of this also per chair at a cost of $18.20 each. 
  5. Sander: I went with a little cheap Ozito hand sander from Bunnings. This is much quicker and easier to strip paint than using hand paper. It cost about $35 and came with sanding pads. 
  6. Sanding pads: you’ll need a rough paper to strip paint.
  7. Sand paper: I used a super fine paper to hand sand the wood smooth. After stripping paint the wood will feel a little rough, so you need to smooth it with a quick hand sand. Get about 4 sheets. 
  8. Large cardboard box or drop sheet to protect the ground when painting.
  9. Old rag to wipe down the wood after sanding.

what you'll need to spray paint
Step 1: using your allen key, dismantle your chair. Make sure you store the screws and small parts somewhere safe.  

how to pull apart a stokke tripp trapp chair
Step 2: sand back the wood! Use a well-ventilated area and your face mask. Get familiar with your electric hand sander get to work sanding away the old varnish or paint. Hot tip: try and get all the parts sanded first before starting any painting, this will be more efficient.
Step 3: once all paint is sanded off, use your hand sanding paper to smooth the finish of the wood.
Step 4: using a damp cloth, wipe away all the sand residue from the wood, and leave it to dry for a couple of hours.
Step 5: lay the pieces out on your large cardboard or drop sheet, it’s time to get painting!
Step 6: using the White Knight Primer, read the instructions on the spray paint tin and apply your first coast of primer. Allow it a couple of hours to dry before applying the second coat. Two coats will give you the best colour finish. Wait a full 24 hours to ensure it is fully dry before heading to step 7.
Step 7: flip the pieces over and follow Step 6 again for the other side.

how to prime your wooden high chair
Step 8: using the White Knight Squirts Paint & Prime colour, you’re now ready to apply your colour. This is the fun part! Again, read the instructions on how to apply the spray paint and spray on your first coast of colour. Hot tip: I suggest doing the first coat in the morning and doing the second coat in the afternoon so that you give the colour a lot of time to dry fully. Apply your second coat and wait a full 24 hours before flipping it over to paint the other side.

Step 9: flip the pieces over and follow Step 8 again for the other side.

blue painted stokke tripp trapp chair
Step 10: once both sides are fully dry and hard, check for any touch up areas and touch them up. Then give the pieces another 24 to 48 hours to really harden and dry. I know by now you’re dying to get the chair assembled, but it is important to give it as much time as you can otherwise the paint may scratch with putting it back together.
Step 11: find all the small parts and put the chair back together using the allen key.
Step 12: find a willing small child to test out your new fabulous chair and take cute photo 😊

stokke tripp trapp high chair 
We have been using James’s chair for a month and the paint is holding strong with no scratches or marks. I have been careful to use a soft damp cloth to wipe it down after meals. I would recommend using an abrasive sponge etc and we also try and avoid wearing shoes when on the chair, when possible.
Good luck and send me any photos of your projects, I would love to see them!


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