Top 10 Time Saving Hacks for Busy Mums

The days are long, the years are short and the to-do-list is never ending.

I've never worked harder since becoming a mum, and especially being a stay at home/work from home mum with no family support! I spend each minute running from one job to the next, cooking, cleaning, stopping the toddler from splashing in the toilet.

It got me thinking…. there must be some hot tips other mums know about that could save me some time, or run my household a little bit more efficiently. So I conducted a survey and these were the top ten time saving hacks tried and tested by mums:

  1. If budget permits, hire a cleaner at least fortnightly (weekly would be ideal in the perfect world). If there was ever a time in your life when you needed a cleaner, it's while the kids are living at home.
  2. Meal prep on the weekend for the week ahead. Get the kids involved and turn it into a game and an education lesson on foods. My husband cooks one or two extra meals on the weekend for us to eat during the week or store in the freezer for future use.
  3. Prepare for the next day the night before once the kids are in bed. Pack lunchboxes, school bags, organise the nappy bag etc. All these jobs are done so much faster when you don't have kids clawing at your legs.
  4. Put a load of washing on at night and set the timer for the early hours of the morning so it's all ready to be pegged first thing in the morning.
  5. Utilise online grocery shopping and even better, get the husband to do it.
  6. Bulk cook simple muffins and store them in the freezer. These make great snacks for the kids and you can pop them in your bag when dashing out of the house. My go to recipe is: 1 cup self-raising flour, 1/4 cup olive oil, 3 eggs and any left overs in the fridge grated up (i.e. apple, carrot, banana, zucchini, cheese, ham etc).
  7. Fold the clothing as you take it off the washing line. This will help reduce ironing and you can even match the socks as you go.
  8. Get the kids involved (if they'll play ball) in tidying up. Set a timer and make it a racing game to clean up as quickly as possible in 15min.
  9. If you have young children, double up making the bed. So layer the bed with a  mattress protector, fitted sheet  and then another mattress protector and fitted sheet. That way if there are any accidents in the night it's a quick bed strip.
  10. Prepare "overnight oats" the night before, or even up to 3 days before, to ensure YOU always have breakfast ready to eat in the morning when you're rushing to get everyone else sorted for the day. Here are some great recipes:

There you go! Hopefully you'll find these top 10 time saving hacks for busy mums really helpful and save yourself a few precious minutes each day. 

If you have a hack to add to this list, drop it below in the comments and share it with other mums!

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