Top Five Ways to Help a New Mum

All of a sudden, the baby has arrived and a whole new level of chaos hits the home! Mum is either learning to take care of her first born, or she’s juggling a household of children, chores, as well as a brand-new baby. It’s at this point that she needs the most help, whether or not she knows how to ask for it. She may be our friend, sister, or some other important relation. With all the love we feel for her, we surely want to know: How can we help mum without getting in the way? For this reason, I’ve compiled a list of the top five most beneficial boosts we can add to mum’s daily life after she brings home baby.

  1.  Create order out of chaos. While mum is busy breastfeeding, changing diapers, or trying to get baby to sleep, you can help! By doing dishes, folding any piles of laundry you may see, or gathering dirty rags or clothes into the laundry bin, she will have fewer chores to focus on. What’s more, you can go the extra mile and wipe down a counter or two, clean out the coffee maker, or make a bed. Any gesture of this kind goes a long way.
  2. Bring meals on wheels. Mum may be too tired to thank you for this, but she will be extremely grateful to receive food! You can either make hot home-cooked meals or put together little snack packs. It’s especially helpful to cook a few meals if you know what kind of food mum and her family eat and if there are any allergies or special diets to consider. Together with a group of friends, you can organise a meal schedule to feed mum for a whole week or longer!
  3. Engage the kids. If mum has older kids in the house, they are likely shocked by the changes and trying to adapt. Right now, they are not getting any of the attention from mum they once had. That is to say, they will appreciate all of your efforts to engage them! Take them out for ice-cream, enjoy a trip to the local library, or go run around at a park. The point is, you can find an age-appropriate activity to help them feel like the centre of attention again. Also, you’ll be gifting mum with much-needed time to focus on baby.
  4. Picture the moment. Get out your phone and snap some pictures! Indeed, mum is too overwhelmed by the needs of the moment to be taking photographs. These will be, however, the most treasured photographs of all. Since mum is too focused on her precious task at hand, she’s not exactly forming memories. Ask her first, of course, if it’s a good time to immortalise the moment. When possible, try to document mum and baby in cuddles, playing together, falling asleep, or any other picture-perfect moment. Mum will certainly be happy with the results!
  5. Ask and ask again. Every mum is different and so it is important to communicate with the new mum you know. What does she say she needs? For example, can you pick up something for mum while you’re at the grocery store? Does she want to go shopping with you to buy baby cream or specific diapers? By asking her, you give her the chance to accomplish a few things on her to-do list.

    All in all, it’s essential that you’re there for the new mum in your life! By knowing that you’re there to support her and baby when they need it the most, you will be providing a priceless sense of peace. As long as you keep an open mind about what mum needs, you will be the best help ever!


    Hey there, lovely mum! I’m Emily. I’m from Australia and I’m a mother of two small, energetic children. I started Mummy Couture when I was eight months pregnant with my second baby as a passion project to block the “baby brain” we pregnant mums invariably endure. After giving birth, I fell in love with kimonos as they flattered my post-baby body and I felt beautiful again. I started creating my own kimonos, refining my designs with new colours and patterns. Mummy Couture is dedicated to every mum who wants to feel amazing in her own skin!

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