Why Every Mum Needs a Kimono

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There is a very simply reason why we love designing kimonos for our beautiful mumma’s… that’s because mums NEED kimonos!! We know exactly what it’s like to live off 4 hours of broken for months and months on end, we know what it feels like to no longer fit into your skinny jeans after having a baby, we know how hard it is to remember to brush your teeth once you’ve survived child birth and we know what it feels like to no longer recognise yourself in the mirror.  

But don’t take our word for it, let Flick from Stylish Finds explain exactly what she loves about a Mummy Couture kimono. As a mum of two beautiful girls, Flick was the perfect candidate to review our newest kimono release and she has described perfectly why every mum needs a kimono. Over to you Flick…

"I am not going to lie – since the birth of both my daughters (now 2 and 4 months old), my own fashion wardrobe has taken a back seat. There is a number of reasons for this, firstly, how adorable is little baby clothes! I just love dressing my girls up in their gorgeous rompers, headbands and more, and yes, my money tends to go towards new outfits for them, not me! Second, my post-baby bodies have never inspired me to dress up. After all, I need easy access for my boobs while breastfeeding (which generally just means a singlet top), and I feel like I am just biding my time until my own clothes fit again. Then I came across Mummy Couture’s Kimonos.

I love a splash of colour, and now my boring breastfeeding singlet and short combo was a finished off with a fashionable edge to it. I still had easy access for feeding, but started feeling much better about myself – I deserved to look and feel good too after all I had been through, I just kept putting myself second. These Kimonos are honestly perfect. Whether you are off to the beach, the park, or enjoying a lazy day on the couch at home, they add a splash of sophistication to your outfit. I often throw mine on as I’m heading out the door (you know, after I have frantically run around getting the girls ready and left no time for myself), and get so many compliments on it. Effortless style and I just love it....."

You can read Flick’s full review HERE.    

Stylish Finds by Baby Vine

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